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Our robotics platform delivers real world learning outcomes
above & beyond current platforms

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Scalable Complexity

Our platform is just as accessible for beginners as it is for advanced users.

Students begin with Python on our web-based IDE with robot simulator for testing code, and can move to more advanced languages and techniques as they progress.

As students advance they can access more complexity and technical detail within the platform, enabling advanced robotics projects.

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Custom Modules

Module diversity includes everything already seen in edtech and much more. Including camera & LIDAR.

Students can design and 3D print their own modules to expand the robot's capabilities. Interfacing electronics is easily achieved using Arduino.

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Real World Projects

The flexibility of our platform facilitates real world project based learning.

Students can design, develop & evaluate their solution to a real world problem using some technologies previously only available to research & industry.

Learning outcomes from these real world projects prepare students for university and the jobs of the future.

We are currently looking to get in touch with high schools and robotics clubs in Brisbane and surrounding region who might be interested in evaluating our platform with their students.

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Our Vision


The Problem

The robotics and automation age is upon us
40% of today's jobs are at risk of automation and 75% of new fast-growing jobs require STEM skills.
Governments around the world are recognising this with the addition of robotics and coding to school curriculum.

But what tools are we using to teach robotics?
The most popular robotics kits worldwide are essentially toys.
These kits are great for introducing foundation robotics and coding concepts; the problem, however, is that we are using these toys from primary school, through high school and even into university...

  • As students advance, these kits don't advance with them, inhibiting growth.
  • Limited to coding languages that aren't used outside the classroom.
  • Students are not able to create and integrate their own electronics.
  • Limited to a small range of sensors and modules.
  • Learning outcomes are not very relevant to real-world robotics.

Our Vision

RAWrobotics delivers learning outcomes above and beyond current platforms.
Our validation activities have shown that teachers are looking for a more capable robotics platform for the high school level. Most teachers are exhausting learning outcomes with Lego and other kits, and are looking for that next level.

RAWrobotics puts real world robotics tech in the hands of students.
Currently students are playing with toys - not real robots. Modules such as camera and LIDAR have never been seen in the edtech space before, we are delivering them.
Students will be able to create their own custom electronic and mechanical modules, allowing for a wide variety of real world projects.

RAWrobotics facilitates project based learning.
With our platform, students will be able to work on real world robotics problems, an invaluable learning experience compared to the limited and trivial tasks current platforms are capable of.

The Team

Our team has a real passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in education.

The founding team has an engineering background with a variety of experience in other fields; including research, industry, education and manufacturing.

Our interdisciplinary team has worked together for over 3 years on large scale robotics projects.

Our advisory board and other collaborators include qualified teachers to help with the development of educational materials, teacher resources and curriculum mapping.

Orion5 Robot Arm

Orion Robotic Arm Module


Orion5 is superior to other robotics arms accessible to education.

  • Motors have continuous 360° range
  • Position and velocity control methods
  • Motors provide kinematic feedback
  • Programmable joint limits
  • Easy to use Python, JavaScript and MATLAB libraries

About Orion

Orion5 is a robotic arm module designed for education. Orion5 can be mounted on a desk and controlled via USB, or mounted on our Proteus robot chassis to create a mobile robot capable of perceiving and interacting with its environment.

As an independent module, the Orion5 can be controlled by a computer to achieve drawing, pick and place objects, or use other tools. Mounted on Proteus and combined with other sensors, it can complete any number of advanced tasks.


Built into every design decision behind Orion5 is safety.

  • No finger pinch points
  • Orion5 detects collisions with itself and the environment
  • Over torque and over temperature sensing
  • Infinite 360° base rotation and internal wiring means no stretching/snapping of cables

We are currently gearing up for manufacture of Orion5, if you're interested in our Orion5 robotic arm we would love to get in contact.

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The Team

The Team

Read more about the RAWrobotics team and view some of our previous work here

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