Orion5 Robot Arm

Orion5 Robotic Arm


Orion5 is designed to bring features from industrial and research grade robotic arms to education.

  • 0.33° motor position resolution
  • Motors have continuous 360° range
  • Position, velocity and time control methods
  • Motors provide kinematic feedback
  • Programmable joint limits
  • Python, JavaScript, MATLAB, C/C++ libraries

About Orion

Orion5 is a robotic arm designed for education. Orion5 can be mounted on a desk and controlled via USB or WiFi, or mounted on our Proteus robot chassis to create a mobile robot capable of perceiving and interacting with its environment.

As an independent module, the Orion5 can be controlled by a computer to achieve drawing, pick and place objects, or use custom tools. Mounted on Proteus and combined with other sensors, it can complete any number of advanced tasks.


Built into every design decision behind Orion5 is safety.

  • No finger pinch points
  • Orion5 detects collisions with itself and the environment
  • Over torque and over temperature sensing
  • Infinite 360° base rotation and internalised wiring means no stretching/snapping of cables

We are currently gearing up for manufacture of Orion5
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Orion5 Videos

Orion5 Videos